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Audio - Visual

Conference Room Imaging

Sound systems, imaging systems, system video conferencing and control system equipment.

Digital Signage

This is a solution whereby the information is passed to the audience to pass a certain message to them. It’s a very efficient solution whereby the content is controlled from a central point and passed to the rest of the areas i.e branches The person controlling the content flow at HQ determines which information to run and at what time and for how long, this makes reliable With this kind of solutions users are able to advertise their products in a cheap and more reliable way which has high capacity of audience


  • Warehousing
  • Banking Sector
  • Transport
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Education

Hotel MATV systems

We offer MATV solution which is cheap, simple to deploy and quick. The solution uses coaxial cables to pass the signal to the TV Screens. The Solution doesn’t require IP addressing scheme to go, making it easy to deploy. The solution is most preferably for Hospitality Industry.


  • Hospitality industry

IP TV Systems

The IPTV solution offers an amazing experience to the Guest whereby it flexible and can set to meet users requirements. The solution can seamlessly be Integrated with other systems to have a wide range of materials running through the TV Screen. For Instance, the users can order food, check the services the hotels from the comfort of the Guest room The Hotel owners can pass messages to the guest via the TV screen The Hotel owners can run advert via the TV Screen. The control of the system is done from a central point to run all the material thus to manage and improves Efficiency and reliability.

Talinda East Limited has Partnered with Quadriga that offers IPTV solution. The solution are different to fit different customers i.e 2 Star Hotel, 3 Star, 5 Star etc. For instance Sensiq, SmartCube TV etc.


  • Hospitality Industry